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The strings blossom

The Strings blossom I.jpg

First album

The Strings blossom

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Second Album

The strings blossom

Strings blossom video.jpg


The strings blossom

In 2017/2018, Paul was back in Kolkata for few month.  At this occasion, Paul Brook wanted to reunited two musicians he admires for few years. He met Shubojioti Guha and Sandip Chaterjee two years ago and was hoping they could play together one day. In March 2018, this dreams came true. For two days, in the famous studio Blooperhouse in kolkata, the three musicians got to know each other. Improvising in different ragas, they produced some very touching, sensible and meditative music. Harmonizing guitar and santoor (an astonishing indian instrument), the tablas supporting them become an melodic instrument as well. 

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